Change of guard at the top of BCUC
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Mon, 09/01/2014 - 07:53
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Board's Administrator


The Vice Chancellor has appointed a new director at the Board of Common Undergraduate Courses (BCUC) to take over from Prof. Jacob Ogweno Midiwo whose second term has expired. Dr. Stephen kibet Moindi who will steer the wheel at the Board of Common Undergraduate Courses for the next 3 years took over from Prof. Midiwo on August 19, 2014. While Prof. Midiwo is from Department of Chemistry in the School of Physical Sciences, Dr. Moindi has been appointed from the School of Mathematics. He becomes the seventh director since the BCUC was created in 1989.

In his handing over speech, the predecessor highlighted some of the challenges that his successor may face while running the Board. He explained that he had raised most of the issues with the University Management and encouraged his successor to make a follow up. Prof. Midiwo made it clear to the incoming director that the issues he had raised with management were critical to the proper and smooth running of the BCUC since they touched on staff welfare/morale, BCUC structure, status of BCUC as envissioned in the Statutes, and most importantly, the role of BCUC in the module II programmes. Dr. Moindi assured his predecessor that he would take up the matter and make a follow up with the University Management from where he had left.

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