The Common Undergraduate Courses
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Currently, there are ten common undergraduate courses that have been approved by the Senate. The table indicates the course code, title, the department that houses the course, the coordinator of the course, and on which campus the student can trace that coordinator.

CCS 001 Communication Skills Communication Skills studies Mrs. Mary Okebe Main campus
CCS 002 Fundamentals of development Institute of Development Studies Mr. John Njoka Main campus
CCS 003 Human Health School of Public Health To be appointed College of Health Sciences, KNH campus
CCS 004 Law in Society School of Law To be appointed Parklands campus
CCS 005 Environmental Science School of Physical Sciences Dr. J.N.Mutemi Chiromo campus
CCS 006 Chemistry and Its Applications Department of Chemistry Dr. J.M.Wanjohi Chiromo campus
CCS 007 Science and Technology Department of Food Technology and Nutrition Prof. Michael W. Okoth Upper Kabete campus
CCS 008 Elements of Philosophy Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies Dr. J.B. Ndohvu Main campus
CCS 009 Elements of Economics School of Economics Dr. Kennedy Osoro Main campus
CCS 010 HIV&AIDS School of Public Health Dr. Kellen N. Kimani School of Public Health, KNH campus


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