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Dr. Stephen K. Moindi

The Board of Common Undergraduate Courses (BCUC) is a multidisciplinary department with mandate to administe, teach and examine in the Common Undergraduate Courses throughout the entire University. Bt the Statutes, the Board is expected to work with faculties, schools, and institutes for it to deliver on its mandate.

Our Vision

To be the center of excellence in the coordination of common undergraduate courses in the University.

Our Mission

To provide oversight in management, through development and revision of curricula, teaching and examination, administration and coordination of common undergraduate courses in collaboration with the relevant faculties; schools; institutes; and departments in order to produce a holistic and well-rounded graduates with a general understanding of cross-cutting issues that may affect society.

Our Core Values

In order that it realizes its stated Vision and Mission, the board shall embrace the following core- values: Professionalism, Teamwork, Creativity, Ethical practices, Leadership,etc

Our Core Functions

The core functions include: Coordination of curriculum development and review, Coordination of the teaching and Examination of Common Undergraduate Courses

The overall Goal

The overall goal of the board is to ensure that common undergraduate courses are taught and examined in order that the University can produce holistic and all-rounded graduates who have a general understanding of cross-cutting issues that affect society so that they can compete favourably in a dynamic environment.