Communication Skills
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Communication Skills


The Communication Skills Unit in the Faculty of Arts houses the CCS 001: Communication Skills course. This is a full-fledged unit complete with staff, and centered at the 844 building on main campus. Faculties, schools, and institutes are advised that although BCUC receives and replies to all issues regarding the course, those with routine matters like complaints on examination results would rather deal directly with the Chair at the unit for faster response.

Regardless of the profession that one specializes in, that profession can only be of benefit to him/her and to society if he/she can communicate. In other words, every professional must communicate effectively for him/her to be able to perform in the profession. The Communication Skills Course introduces students to academic and professional communication skills and strategies. The skills assist students to express their ideas clearly and persuasively through different modes of communication. The course seeks to develop interpersonal, cross-cultural, and organizational communication into students, so that they can embrace both academic and competitive professional communication skills amongst themselves and within society.

Areas to be covered include: General communication principles, Reading and study skills, Basic rhetorical principles of academic writing and communication, Oral presentation and public speaking skills, Functional writing and communication; i.e. writing letters, CVs,  proposals, reports, business plans etc. Information science and library skills: i.e. citation, and documentation of sources.

Thus, by the end of the course study, the learner should be able to:

  • Express their thoughts clearly and persuasively through basic rhetorical principles of written and spoken communication
  • Study effectively through relevant reading strategies
  • Exhibit integrity, credibility, self-confidence in presentation skills for academic and professional endeavors
  • Identify and select reading materials available in the University library and other academic resources
  • Document Academic sources effectively based on relevant citation styles
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